Thursday, December 31, 2009

Posh Giraffe, Harold, and plans for 2010

The posh giraffe triptych is finally up in the Etsy shop, and I think it's my best yet:

And here are a couple of pictures of Harold, my first attempt at a crochet plushie:

I just found out that I have a job interview next week, so I'm pretty excited. It's a call center for the NHS, and is fairly nearby. I'm really hoping I get it, if only to feel as if I'm pulling my own weight around here.

I'm working on some ideas for new paintings, as well as something that for now I will just refer to as "Project Twee." More information about that will come in a later post.

2009 has been a long difficult year, from being in a long distance relationship, to getting married, quitting my job and moving to England to be with my husband, going through culture shock and depression, dealing with being unemployed and feeling unemployable, and catching flu after cold after flu. It was a year of massive flux. I'm hoping 2010 will bring a bit more stability, and will be the year I really go for it as an artist.

If I was to make any New Years resolution, it would be to not let myself down or sell myself short. I've spent too much of the last 26 years doing that.

I hope you all have a lovely night, whether you celebrate through the night or have a quiet evening in and go to bed at ten. May the new year give you a fresh start, as I hope it will for me.


  1. That giraffe is amazing! Where did you find frames that small?

    It's also pretty cool that you moved to UK. I wish I was there. Next time you're at APE, we'll have to meet. I'll be at a table with my sister. :) Well... I hope you come to APE. :)

    I think you're a fantastic artist. Keep up the awesomeness!

  2. Thanks! The frames were a random find in a paound shop (UK equivalent of a 99 cent store).

    Probably won't be able to make it to APE for another year or two, but I'll try to hunt you out if I do. I love your nerdy amigurumi stuff!